Friday, September 25, 2020

Cover Evolution for A Gathering of Dragons - Update (#3)

Lizzy is moving right along. Here is the latest update (#3) to the cover for A GATHERING OF DRAGONS, the new Farloft Chronicle due out for pre-sale October 31st.

This is the paperback cover. You can see that the images will wrap around the volume for a full body look at Farloft and Snow off on their adventure.

The notes I gave to Lizzy on this update were:

1. Move the map under Snow's paw out further so my name would have a solid gray and brown background. 

2. Make my name bigger (cause and author always wants to be known, right?).

3. Lose some of the flags in the distance. I think they are a bit distracting. Maybe leave some trailing off the mound to the right.

4. Under the title add "The Farloft Chronicles - Vol. 7"

5. I asked her to add the title to the spine to see if it would work and not interfere with the image too much.

I really think we are on our way to the completed cover.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Cover Evolution Update - "A Gathering of Dragons"

Just a quick update on the cover for Farloft's upcoming new chronicle, "A Gathering of Dragons".

I think Lizzy has the expressions resolved. Farloft and Snow both look excited and ready to be off on an adventure.

This is what is called 'flat color'. When you order a commissioned piece of art for your OC (original character), they will ask you if you want black & white, flat color or full color.

When the cover is completed this image will be in full color with shading and dimension. 

If you haven't read the previous Farloft Chronicles
Now is the time!
James & the Dragon, Farloft Chronicle #1, is FREE on all Platforms.
Farloft really is a Dragon for All Ages.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Evolution of a Cover

I am finished with the latest Farloft Chronicle, A Gathering of Dragons. It has been beta read, proofread by numerous qualified people and is now off for formatting. The hard work is done. Not to say that I don't enjoy writing... that writing isn't my passion... but it is hard. Any author you ask will agree if they are being honest.

Now comes the fun part. I love the process of designing the cover. I don't do the work myself. I leave that to the professionals. This time around I am working with Elizabeth Bailey, formerly Elizabeth Babicz. She picked up the ball on my Shifting series when Sarah Hyndshaw was unavailable to continue. I think she did an excellent job of matching Sarah's original style and even gave it a bit of a boost.

Shifting covers by Sarah Hyndshaw

Saturday, June 30, 2018

The East Garden Project

Amos and I (mostly Amos) have been working on two new hardscape areas in the east garden. The idea is to minimize maintenance. I think it is working out well. I wanted to do an 'afterthought' and put it all in one place, since I have been posting here and there on different social media sites.

The highlighted links below are to some short videos of the work in progress.

Monday, June 25, 2018

The Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium Experience

I had the most delightful experience this past Tuesday, a friend treated me to tea at the Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium. This is a wonderfully imaginative tea shop in Beaverton, that really should not be missed by those inclined to take a cuppa with delicious savories and sweets along with a truly unusual and marvelously creative atmosphere.

The Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium is a delightful mix of steampunk and Alice in Wonderland. I was in awe at the detail and creative talent of the two owners Maggie and Harold. The establishment is a feast to the eyes; hot air balloons, delicately balanced tea cups, and steam punk hats and portraits.

Friday, February 9, 2018

The Mt. Hood Community College - Visual Arts Faculty Exhibit

I took a few minutes away from work today to stroll over and view the exhibit at the Visual Arts building of the Faculty Exhibit. Like me, these folks teach to pass on their knowledge, but also have their own creative juices flowing.

Let me show off their inspiring work.

Joe Davis
One of my favorites.
If it had been one of the items for sale, I would have considered it.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Paranormal/Fantasy World from Multiple Author's Points of View - The Twin Cities Series

Over December break at the end of 2014, Drew Avera contacted me. He was an author friend I met on Twitter. We discussed an idea he had which was similar to the books put out by multiple authors in the Star Trek Series. He wanted to get four or five authors together, build a world and then we would all write in it for the remainder of our writing careers. We could introduce our own set of characters, but we would also have crossover characters, which we all could use.

I thought it sounded like a great adventure. I had no idea where it would lead us all.

Drew, J.B. Cameron, me and two other authors, set the stage. We practically melted the Gmail links between us. The volley of emails became so overwhelming to the other female author who was in the group, that she dropped out after writing just one book, which she later pulled totally out of the series. The other unnamed male author in the group never even got a book written before he pulled out.