Sunday, March 12, 2017

"The Beast Within" - Presale NOW!

Volume #7 of the Star Traveler Series is on Presale - Release Date June 2nd.
Line up your Summer Reading now...

If you have been reading the series, you will find this new book an adventure you will never forget.

If you are just hearing of the Star Traveler Series for the first time, this is a great book to start with. You will be able to enjoy the two intertwining plots as well as being tempted by the little tidbits from past books to go back and read the whole series from the beginning.

Here is a short synopsis of "The Beast Within"

Captain Targus of M.T. #2424 has found a way to assist his Henu friends in rebuilding the cliff dwellings at Ijul. But, has his innocent actions inadvertently placed a member of the community in danger? Plotting, chaos and murder touch Targus’ life in this adventure. How will he deal with these life-altering events and who will show him comfort during his time of need?

Not his second in command, Sergeant Coal…

Coal is off on his own adventure. He has been summons home to Realda by his lost love, Raceen. There is a hidden mystery on this planet, where everyone looks the same except for their diversity of brightly colored, ornate tattoos. Coal may reveal a secret so closely kept by the government of Realda that it might mean the death of his species.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Read an E-Book Week - March 5 through March 11th

The first week in March is always "Read an E-Book Week" on Smashwords.

I have three books in the selection for FREE!

Shifting in The Realms - a #1 Amazon Best Seller in Paranormal
James & the Dragon - a Delightful Fantasy for Any Age Dragon Lover
The Helavite War - Character Driven Scifi SoapOpera

Find them here:

Here is a little more detail about the week's activities and where to find the full catalog.

Readers: Where to Find Books

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