Monday, October 20, 2014

Reading Level Assessment Test

Greetings Effortless English Followers...

I have been posting #Dailybk suggestions on Twitter for you all, but I began to think it might be difficult for you to determine which level of reading material to look for, or purchase.

I hope this simple test will help you figure out which level you should be reading.

Preprimer = 2-4 yrs old
Primer = 4-5 yrs old
Grade 1 = 6 yrs old
Grade 2 = 7 yrs old
Grade 3 = 8 yrs old
Grade 4 = 9 yrs old
Grade 5 = 10 yrs old
Grade 6 = 11 yrs old
Grade 7 = 12 yrs old
Grade 8 = 13 yrs old
Grade 9 = 14 yrs old
Grade 10 = 15 yrs old
Grade 11 = 16 yrs old

Read the list of words below.
Take no longer than 5 seconds to read each word before moving on to the next word.
Indicate words you cannot read.
Keep reading until you miss 3 or more word in one list.

The first list you miss one word in is the level you can read independently in.
The first list you miss two words in is the level you can actually read in.
The first level you miss three words in is the level which is too difficult for you.