Sunday, August 21, 2016

What once was Old, made New!

I bought a porch swing for my mother about fifteen years ago. The manufacturer pointed out that you did not have to put a finish on it. They assured the buyer the wood would acquire a lovely gray patina.

I think those instructions were meant for a swing that was really residing on a porch. Our was under the eves of the storage shed. The wood took on a life all its own in the Pacific Northwest rains. It got a finish on it that looked very much like 'scabs' on an apple.

Over the years we power washed it. We finished it with deck finish. Eventually, this year, its right arm began to buckle and I did not feel it was safe any longer for us to depend on it not breaking with a load and dumping its occupants on the mosaic gravel-work below.

This is a picture of it off in the distance.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dull Fences, Bright Metal Art!

Over the years I have acquired some metal art pieces and hung them on our dull brown fence. 
This past month I took them all down, primed them and painted them with bright acrylic paint. 
To preserve them over the winter and through our rainy season I added two coats of gloss sealer.

Primed and ready to paint

The largest piece being painted
I did it on the glass topped dining room table
Clean-up was a snap, just used a razor blade
Painted one color at a time, waited for it to dry, then painted the next color

The same piece finished and hung on the fence
Nice thing is when the garden is not blooming the piece still will be

Here is the YouTube Video of the Garden Tour with the art hung.