Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Marketing preparations for the 7th Annual NW Book Festival

I have been accepted to the 7th Annual NW Book Festival, July 25th in downtown Portland at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Last year they had over 3,500 people attend with over seventy independent authors. I am excited to be involved is such a large event. It will be my first as a published author.

So how does one go about preparing for such an event? How do you make the most out of the contacts you will have an opportunity to make at a festival like this? How many books should you bring? (My books are print-on-demand, so books that are bought are out-of-pocket expense for me.) How will I get readers to come to my booth and, better yet, buy from my booth? So many questions that luckily, I have the background to answer because I have a history that includes ‘marketing.’

Friday, June 19, 2015

Sarah's Graduation

Sarah Hyndshaw is my graphic artist and the designer of The Farloft Chronicles' covers. This past Saturday she graduated from the college I work at, the proud recipient of a degree in Graphic Arts.

I wanted to share her work with you all one more time and also a glimpse of our little celebration.