Wednesday, April 29, 2015


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I will be giving away a copy of SHIFTING IN THE REALMS
He's a shape shifter - He's in love
Only one problem his lady only loves him in his wolf form
What's a shape shifter to do?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Reading at 'Another Read Through'

I am pleased to announce my paperback books are being carried locally at a bookstore on N. Mississippi Another Read Through .

Elisa, the shop owner, has a very nice intro on her website:

"We specialize in fiction for adults and kids, with smaller sections for mystery, nonfiction, bio/memoir, science fiction and fantasy, true crime, poetry, manga, and young adult books. We have multiple monthly readings from local authors and other cool and fun things for people of all ages. Wander in and find an old favorite you want to revisit, or a new author to get excited about."

This past Thursday I was asked to do a reading. The space is lovely. Reminded me of the movie "Crossing Delancey," wonderfully comfortable wing-back chairs in a cozy upstairs that longs to have people chatting away about books and writing.

I hope to become "a new author to get excited about."

Dad and Elisa in the reading room. Check out "We 3" on the tables.

I brought the promised Chocolate!

The Farloft Chronicles on display at a Bookstore for the 1st time!
An author's dream come true.
Thank you, Elisa

The Shifting Books

The Star Traveler Series
So excited I didn't get them all in the picture