Sunday, July 20, 2014

July Update

Well, the month of June just slipped through my fingers. Do you feel the same way? I spent a lot of time in the garden.

I cleaned up and spiffed up the Moroccan Room so I could do a little entertaining in those lazy days of summer when it is too hot to do anything in the garden beyond 10:00 am.

Click on the link below to take the monthly tours of the garden, the Moroccan Room, or if you just want to sit and listen, the audio book of "James & the Dragon" is there too.

Our Quiet Corner - Garden & Moroccan Room Tours

I did a lot of writing, editing and formatting too! I hope to have all The Farloft Chronicles in paperback by the 1st of August. 1-3 are up already. The Farloft Chronicles in Paperback 4 and 5 coming soon. If you haven't read the Chronicles yet, perhaps now is the time. If you have read them, I must tell you I am very excited about the way they look in print.

Yogoloth got his first two and sent me this cute picture with his dragon and gryphon 'softies.'


As soon as The Farloft Chronicles are all in paper, I will have a surprise for all of you. Farloft has been dictating his latest Chronicles #6 to me and it will be out sometime in late August or early September. Sarah is working on another great cover portrait for it. It will be the story of how we met, way-back-when.

Then, I will be back to writing about our friend Cody, the shape-shifter in The Realms. Shifting in The Realms He still has a lot of adventures to tell us about. Not least of which is the realization that Simone might be in love with someone else. Life can reach out and bite a wolf, no matter how strong he is.

The Society of Enlightened Dragonologist site will be up and running August the 1st. Until then, here is the blog site with a few little teasers to whet you appetite. The Society of Enlightened Dragonologists

Lot of fun things going on. I hope you will drop in and visit sometime this summer. Have a glass of iced tea in the Moroccan Room and catch up.