Friday, August 21, 2015

A Dilemma Presented - A Problem Solved

The Dilemma:

I have encountered a delightful dilemma, as an author. I have folks sending me my own books because they want me to autograph them and then mail the books back to them.

I am flattered that my signature and well wishes mean so much to my reading friends.

The Problem Solved:

I have had CreateSpace ship me some copies of my books. I have rounded out the pricing so you get a good deal on all the set. I have also devised some pretty cool 'bonus gifts' that I will ship with the books from my end in addition to the autographed copies. We all like 'Goodies' and 'Freebies.'

And I want to give you a special 'head-up' with this notice too.
If you buy a set of THE FARLOFT CHRONICLES and you have several children. Let me know. I will send you a coloring book with the 'kid friendly' tattoo for each of them. Not just one book for them to share. I know sharing can be an issue, though Farloft does his best to teach the concept.

Purchase the full set of "The Farloft Chronicles" for $60.00.
You receive the coloring book and kid friendly tattoo.

Purchase a full set of "The Star Traveler Series," for $60.00.
You receive all 6 frame worthy 11x17 posters of the cover art and cool bookmarks for each volume.

Poster Art by Sherry D. Ramsey


Purchase a full set of "The Twin Cities Series" for $24.00.
You receive 8 frame worthy, 8.5x11 wolf prints of Scar and bookmarks for each volume.

Art by Kwazar of Deviant Art


Purchase "We 3" for $20.00.
You receive custom bookmarks with tips & tricks for Elder Care.

Email me at to request the book(s) you would like.
I will get them to you as soon as possible.
(Additional charge for postage)