Tuesday, December 2, 2014

StORytime Oregon - Reynolds School District

I had the honor of attending StORytimeOregon today. There were 240 Kindergartners entertained by 65 middle school readers. I did my part by stuffing goodie bags and handing out T-shirt. Farloft did his part by awarding each of the middle school readers a copy of his coloring book, including the link to his free audio book and a temporary tattoo. Thanks to Andrea Watson for thinking to invite me.

The State of Oregon has recently launched StORytime, a statewide literacy initiative designed to build awareness and shared responsibility for ensuring that every child in Oregon is a proficient reader by the third grade. StORytime shares easy ways that families can get children ready to read through books, stories, songs and play - every day, everywhere. As part of the initiative, the state is coordinating a series of launch events with select communities throughout Oregon who have been deeply involved in helping to shape the campaign, including the Reynolds School District.

In these pictures, the coloring books, a portion of the gathering in the gym during the initial presentation, the middle school readers receiving their instructions and the pairing up of readers and listeners. A wonderful event for all and well organized as well.