Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Paranormal/Fantasy World from Multiple Author's Points of View - The Twin Cities Series

Over December break at the end of 2014, Drew Avera contacted me. He was an author friend I met on Twitter. We discussed an idea he had which was similar to the books put out by multiple authors in the Star Trek Series. He wanted to get four or five authors together, build a world and then we would all write in it for the remainder of our writing careers. We could introduce our own set of characters, but we would also have crossover characters, which we all could use.

I thought it sounded like a great adventure. I had no idea where it would lead us all.

Drew, J.B. Cameron, me and two other authors, set the stage. We practically melted the Gmail links between us. The volley of emails became so overwhelming to the other female author who was in the group, that she dropped out after writing just one book, which she later pulled totally out of the series. The other unnamed male author in the group never even got a book written before he pulled out.