Sunday, February 14, 2016

My New Friends at Yarn Story Factory

Art by Laura Walters

Recently I was approached by the wonderful folks at Yarn Story Factory. They had heard Farloft, my dragon, first audio book on his site and were intrigued. They wanted to do a podcast of part of one of Farloft's books.

I was skeptical. They said they were going to do it for free, with music and sound effects and help promote the book for sale. My skepticism was soon squelched.

Yarn Story Factory is a podcast of free audio stories for kids! Fairy tales, bedtime stories, and stories for road-trips! You can find them on all major podcast softwares. Their goal is to help inspire curiosity and imagination in children around the world! All the while, having fun doing so! They are a small team of dedicated Yarn Spinners.