Friday, February 9, 2018

The Mt. Hood Community College - Visual Arts Faculty Exhibit

I took a few minutes away from work today to stroll over and view the exhibit at the Visual Arts building of the Faculty Exhibit. Like me, these folks teach to pass on their knowledge, but also have their own creative juices flowing.

Let me show off their inspiring work.

Joe Davis
One of my favorites.
If it had been one of the items for sale, I would have considered it.

Matteo Neivert
A collection of birds which practically flew off the wall.
They were displayed individually. I placed them on the background.

Sarah Chenoweth Davis
The detail on the pieces are stunning.

Stephen Mauldin
Some awesome graphics.

And up close >>

Sarah Daughton
I was once told the ginkgo is the oldest known flora on earth.

And another piece that sums up the show.


  1. Lovely pieces. I especially like the paintings.

    1. We have some very talented instructors at the college. There were many more pieces, but these were the ones that caught my eye.