Friday, June 23, 2017

Shifting Book 4 and 5 - NOW AVAILABLE

I am so pleased to announce that the final Shifting Books in
The Twin Cities Series 
Are Now Available for Presale
2 for the Price of 1 through the Presale

Book 4, Shifting from Darkness into Light will wrap up the story of Cody/Scar and Simone.

Cody has moved into Simone’s apartment now that she is gone. There is a problem, the place is haunted by a pooka, poltergeist or house elf… or is it?

Simone has found herself trapped in another dimension of The Realms.

Cody must risk everything to rescue her. When he becomes a prisoner in his own personal hell, will Simone be able to find him and bring him back from the darkness into the light?

Book 5, Shifting for Better or Worse is a prequel and will give you a glimpse into The Realms... 20 years ago.

Meet Charles, Simone’s father and the last of the Light-Bearers. An elf/man who balances the good in The Realms against the evil of the vampire ruler, Raven.

Find out how Charles and Azur, the fire demon, met and fell in love.

Across the many worlds of The Realms, and for better or worse, these two must find a way to live among the vampires in the wake of death and destruction.

Covers by Elizabeth Babicz

I hope you will enjoy this dual release.
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But, don't think this is the end of the adventures in The Realms... 
Oh no... 
We have only just scratched the surface of the mysteries and wonders awaiting the
brave,who venture into this hidden world of myth, magic and marvels...

AND... If you haven't read the series, Start NOW with a FREE copy of
Shifting in The Realms

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