Saturday, June 30, 2018

The East Garden Project

Amos and I (mostly Amos) have been working on two new hardscape areas in the east garden. The idea is to minimize maintenance. I think it is working out well. I wanted to do an 'afterthought' and put it all in one place, since I have been posting here and there on different social media sites.

The highlighted links below are to some short videos of the work in progress.

Monday, June 25, 2018

The Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium Experience

I had the most delightful experience this past Tuesday, a friend treated me to tea at the Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium. This is a wonderfully imaginative tea shop in Beaverton, that really should not be missed by those inclined to take a cuppa with delicious savories and sweets along with a truly unusual and marvelously creative atmosphere.

The Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium is a delightful mix of steampunk and Alice in Wonderland. I was in awe at the detail and creative talent of the two owners Maggie and Harold. The establishment is a feast to the eyes; hot air balloons, delicately balanced tea cups, and steam punk hats and portraits.

Friday, February 9, 2018

The Mt. Hood Community College - Visual Arts Faculty Exhibit

I took a few minutes away from work today to stroll over and view the exhibit at the Visual Arts building of the Faculty Exhibit. Like me, these folks teach to pass on their knowledge, but also have their own creative juices flowing.

Let me show off their inspiring work.

Joe Davis
One of my favorites.
If it had been one of the items for sale, I would have considered it.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Paranormal/Fantasy World from Multiple Author's Points of View - The Twin Cities Series

Over December break at the end of 2014, Drew Avera contacted me. He was an author friend I met on Twitter. We discussed an idea he had which was similar to the books put out by multiple authors in the Star Trek Series. He wanted to get four or five authors together, build a world and then we would all write in it for the remainder of our writing careers. We could introduce our own set of characters, but we would also have crossover characters, which we all could use.

I thought it sounded like a great adventure. I had no idea where it would lead us all.

Drew, J.B. Cameron, me and two other authors, set the stage. We practically melted the Gmail links between us. The volley of emails became so overwhelming to the other female author who was in the group, that she dropped out after writing just one book, which she later pulled totally out of the series. The other unnamed male author in the group never even got a book written before he pulled out.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Farloft Chronicles and the Dragon Who Tweets!

My relationship with Farloft, my dragon muse, started in 1996. My nephew, James, was nine years old and having a problem with the concept of ownership. It wasn't that he stole, it was that he made some really poor trades. Let's just say you wouldn't have wanted him on your corporate bargaining team.

He would go to school with a new winter coat and come home coat-less, with a transformer toy. His mother would have to go to school to retrieve the coat from the student he struck the trade.

James just didn't seem to get it. His parents talked to him, his grandparents, I even took a stab at it, but it was a concept he was having real issues with. I wondered, 'who would a little nine year old boy listen to?'

Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Book Series is Born out of an Accident - The Star Traveler Series

Most authors will tell you they have been writing all their lives. I am no exception. My mother started me writing a diary in my early teens. That progressed to 'journaling' as I grew older. This eventually grew into shortstory writing and on to blogging, which landed me a biweekly column in our local newspaper for four years.

However, it was an accident, a physical accident, that prompted me to write my first book, The Helavite War.

I broke my foot.

The doctor said there was a direct ratio of how fast my broken heel would mend, to how much time I spent off of it. I had to work my 8-5 job, but once I got home, I sat down to take the pressure off. I wanted out of that clumsy boot.

This was in 1990 and long before I had anything like Netflix, Roku or Amazon Prime to keep me occupied. I can't remember the exact moment I decided to write the book. I do know that it had been peculating in my brain from the time I was a child.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Why did I write the In2Minds Series with David Stevens?

I find life so full of pleasant surprises. One of the nicest ones in my years of being a published author was meeting and becoming friends with David Stevens. Though we live an ocean apart, we often joke about being twins separated at birth.

I met David early in my career (2013) when I first started out on twitter. He was so kind and supportive. Even though I ran a printshop and protested the expense, he had calling cards printed up for me and sent them to me to advertise the first two books I self-published, The Helavite War and James & the Dragon.

David and I both had an affinity for dragons. I have Farloft, my muse, and David has a young dragon named Robert, who is constantly getting into mischief. Farloft, being an older dragon, took Robert under his wing, and except for a slight indulgence one night over a cask of sherry, the two have been well behaved. *grins*

David and I started beta reading each others manuscripts. I found David to be a great one to catch little bloopers I make when I am deep in the dialogue and forget where I am. For instance, in Shifting Agony & Ecstasy he challenged my use of a refrigerator in The Realms, where there is no electricity.

I, on the other hand, often put 'words' in David's mouth, or should I say, his character's mouths. He hates writing dialogue and I love it. So he will often send me the narrative and I will expand on it.

That is basically what happened in early 2015 with the first In2Minds book. David sent it to me and asked me to give him my opinion. He thought it was one of the best things he had ever written. I agreed, but wanted more dialogue to draw the characters closer together, so we decided to work together to write the In2Minds trilogy. We just finished the final installment and it will be up as our first book in 2018.

I'd like to show you the new cover alongside the two previous. I think they are stunning - created by Sherry D. Ramsey. The graphic is also new and put together by the talented Carol Marrs Phipps.