Sunday, January 22, 2017

12th Annual Chocolate Fest

It's time to review the 12th Annual Chocolate Fest!

Yesterday it happened again, I ate enough chocolate to choke a dragon and carried away enough from the fest to keep me in fancy tea treats for the year.

But first, let's give you a lesson in chocolate from Bean to Bar by the Portland Chocolate Mob.

That first thing in the upper left hand corner is the 'placenta.' With a name like that and the ooey, gooey texture, there was no way I was going to take a taste.

The bean comes from there and is usually a burgundy color until dried properly (middle picture on left)

Then the beans are ground (bottom left)

And ground further (top right) Butter and then the bar follow (middle and lower right)

In short, it comes from something you would never think of as your favorite sweet treat.
How did those Maya's figure out it was even edible, much less the food of Gods?

We met some fun people, like this guy from Bella Donna Confections...

And this lady from Creo Chocolates who tired to convince us that a 'mushroom' chocolate was "Ooooo" delicious. She succeeded with my two friends, but not with me. I opted for the Vietnamese Iced Coffee chocolate instead.

Ja Civa's always had exceptional creations.

You almost hate to eat them.

Even Chocolate Pizza.

And cute critters.

And Chocolates for Wise Twitter Fans!

I must confess my tastes run to Milk Chocolate, so my selections for tasting, and take home, were based on that. However, my two companions love dark and found plenty to choose from at the fest.

My Hoard!
Let's Break it Down

1. Jonboy - Molasses Ginger Caramels (so smooth and that hint of ginger is surprising)

2. Sage & Sea Farms - Raspberry sipping vinegar (yep, if you haven't tried it then you should)

3. Ladybug Chocolates - Balsamic Truffles - Cherry, Strawberry, Blueberry, & Blackberry (smooth chocolate with local flavorful berries)

 4. dolcetta Artisan Sweets - Salted Caramel Bonbons (I picked these to go with my Bavarian China when I serve a tea. The china is white with gold edging. Who else picks chocolate to go with their china Lol)

5. fera'wyn's - Turtles (These were just too cute to pass up. They are going to be great as a treat for one of my fancy teas)

 6. Straus Gourmet Nuts - Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews (had a hard time deciding between these and the plain Sea Salt Cashews - chocolate always wins out.)

7. Peggy's Homemade Chocolates - Milk Sea Salt Caramels (you notice a trend here 'sea salt' and 'caramels')

8. Creo Chocolates - Salted Caramels on each end, Hazelnut Crunch, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, and Raspberry Milk (the Vietnamese Iced Coffee was a real treat)

9. Lillie belle Farms Homemade Chocolates - (I won't list all the varieties in the box. Suffice to say they are the 'prettiest' chocolates in the show and some of the best tastings. I buy a box each year. They are one of my 'must haves' from the fest)

10. Scharffen Berger Chocolate Makers -Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, and Port-style Wine (I usually buy chocolate from this maker in tiny bars to give away. The texture is very smooth. They didn't have any this year, so I bought the small wine selection. Anxious to try them.)   


  1. Wow! Did Willy Wonka have a hand in these? They look scrumptious! What a delicious way to spend a day! 🍫 😀

    1. It is always a wonderful and eye-opening experience. Can't wait for next year.