Saturday, October 12, 2013

The World of Twitterland

I have been on Twitter a little over five months now. My students encouraged me to sign up when I posted my first novel on Amazon Kindle, May 1, 2013. I had no idea the wealth of talent and the depth of energy I would find there.

I would like to take a moment to share some of the high points of the journey thus far. Perhaps you will take a moment to click on a link and make a new friend or find a great read. (I have read 50 indie authors since joining twitter and struck gold many time.)

I can't list them all here. As of yesterday I have over 2,000 followers, which is just a handful compared to many, but just the right amount for me currently.

I will try to introduce the few here in order of appearance, like a stage play, because really it orchestrates itself much like that, although Mike has compared it to a cocktail party.

In fact, let's start there.

Michael Hicks at @kreelanwarrior on twitter, writes incredible science fiction. Epic works that keep you thinking long after you have read the last page and closed the book. He has also been a boon to me. His book on the ins and outs of indie publishing is invaluable. Thanks Mike. Connect with his books here:

The Dragon (I cannot reveal his name as they only give it out to their close friends) at @OftheWilds on twitter, has become an inspiration. He is not published "yet," but watch out when he is, because you are going to be surprised at how hard he hits the fantasy world. You are lucky, you can read his work free now at:

Richard Maddock at @BalletMuzik on twitter is an incredible musician. I purchased his album "The Garden Within" a couple of months back and it has not left the range of my hearing since. It is magical, relaxing, moving, and imaginative. I have put a wonderful YouTube link below for your viewing enjoyment along with a link to all his albums. His work is well worth the download. In fact, give some away to a friend too. They will thank you.

Randi Grace Nilsberg at @Randigracenilsb on twitter is a gifted photographer. Her work is shown on her webpage at the link below. I have ordered her work online. It is as easy as clicking a button and beautiful when it arrives. As you can see from the site she produces each work at the time you order it and can ship it worldwide. Take a cruise through her galley. I promise you'll find something you can't resist.

I would never have met any of these gifted/talented folks if I had not taken the step into Twitterland. Even if you don't follow me hand-in-hand into that social media, take a moment to click on these links and enjoy the wealth of imagination. I look forward to sharing more 'gold' from the land of twitter in the future.


  1. Thank you so much for your support, Theresa! You are simply the best!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention, my friend! ::Hugs with a wing::